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Tar O Pave Surfaces

We are a tar surfaces maintenance and construction company, undertaking all new installations and mantenance of tar parking lots, roads, pavements and driveways.

Why choose Tar O Pave Surfaces to do your tar surfacing?

  • we have strong quality internal control measures - we check our work at each level to assure quality tar surfaces for us and our customers. We do it right the first time.
  • we use experienced and qualified team to do your tar surfacing jobs.
  • our tar surfaces are guaranteed against all workmanship defects for a period of five years
  • we educate the customers and provide valuable advice during the construction planning stages.
  • you will get weed free tar surfaces with good drainage

Try us and the join the endless list of our satisfied customers. Tar surfaces

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Tar O Pave Testimonials

  • Tar O PaveSurfaces installed our tar surfaces and we were very satisfied every step of the way.


    After what I have been through I informed your people that I trust nobody, Tar O Pave Surfaces replaced my faith. My kids never liked playing outside because of the mud, but now I cannot keep them in. And here is the best one: I don’t have to dress twice in the mornings anymore, because the tar surfaces are much steadier than the mud and sand we had and therefore I do not trip over any mud or sand for that matter and my car stays cleaner. Tar surfaces are the best.

    Mrs N Lombardy

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